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Date: December 09, 2014

Author: Rob Childers

Using Technology to Reduce Expenses and Increase Quality

by Rob Childers

In today’s triathlon market there are more events than ever.  The survival of your event(s) greatly depends on your ability to stand out in the crowded schedule.  Why should someone do your event over another?  Even if you are fortunate enough to have an exclusive permit at the perfect location or an event that’s been around for 30 years that everyone does because everyone else does it, constantly looking for ways to improve your event is paramount.  Of course, with an unlimited budget, you can come up with endless ways to improve any event, so I always tried to find ways to improve my events that cost little to nothing to implement.  I found that technology was the area I could make the most improvement for the smallest cost.

Here are some examples:

  1. Are you using an email system to send regular newsletters to your previous customers?  Note that I said newsletters, not ads.  If you have some interesting content to go along with your event advertisements, people will read instead of deleting and may forward it to their friends.  Triathlon is a very social business and people typically do the events that their friends are doing.
  2. Are you on social media?  Do you add content regularly?  Just creating a Facebook page and not monitoring it or creating new content won’t go very far.
  3. How about at your event?  Does your timer offer the latest in technology (instant online results during the race available on smart phones, receipt printers at the finish line, screen for the announcer to call out finishers’ names, results instantly displayed as each split is completed on HDTVs at the finish line)?
  4. Is your timer integrated with your registration system allowing you to leave online registration open until the start of the event (real time registration importing and online packet pickup number assignment)?  This allows you to get those last minute registrations.  Don’t turn away money.  Just charge more for the last minute registrations and participants will still be encouraged to register early.  This also eliminates needing to deal with cash or check registrations.  Who needs that hassle?
  5. Does your timer have a robust manual backup system?  Can your timer’s system identify an error handing out chips so it can be quickly corrected?
  6. If you are sanctioned, is your registration system integrated with USAT?  Ease your packet pickup burden by verifying USAT ahead of time.

All of these things and much, much more are available at little to no cost to you and your existing timer. 

I welcome your comments and input at feedback@triathlonbusinessintl.com


Rob Childers is CEO of Race Event Technologies, LLC and Founder of Multirace.com.  During his eleven years with Multirace.com Rob directed over 200 triathlons and used his computer programming background to stay ahead of the competition technologically and founded Race Event Technologies, LLC to bring these innovations to other high quality race directors looking for an additional edge.  Rob can be contacted at rob@tridirector.com.

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