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Terry Davis

Founder & CEO, Tri-California Events, Inc.

Terry Davis is the founder and CEO of Tri-California Events, Inc. He founded the company in 1994 with his wife Betsy after a twelve year career as Marketing Director for the Monterey County Parks Department, in California. One of the first events Terry produced as marketing director for the parks department was the Wildflower Festival at Lake San Antonio in 1983. The event started out to be a bluegrass festival with a water ski show, wind surfing, a 10k run and this new thing called a triathlon. Little did Terry know that the triathlon event with 86 participants would change his life. In the next 12 years, the event became the Wildflower Triathlons Festival with over 4,000 participants competing in three triathlons. It became one the largest and best known events in the world, and was labeled the “Woodstock of Triathlon”. Terry loved producing the triathlons so much that in 1994 he made an agreement with the county to resigned from his county marketing director position, started Tri-California Events and took over the Wildflower Triathlons Festival. Since that time the Wildflower Triathlons Festival has grown to a high of 8,000 participants and 30,000 spectators.

Tri-California Events

Tri-California currently produces the Wildflower Triathlons, the Triathlon at Pacific Grove, Scott Tinley’s Triathlon in San Luis Obispo, the Alcatraz Challenge Aquathlon/Swim. Tri-California also race directs the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, the Giants Race in San Francisco and consults with other events.

Tri-California also has a timing division, Eternal Timing, that contracts timing for other sporting events from triathlons, running, swimming, stand up paddle board and endurance events.  They time events throughout the state of California. 

TC Rentals is a specialty traffic division, which contract to outside events along with providing services for Tri-California Events.  The provide traffic and race consulting and equipment.  TC Rentals clients are Giants Enterprises, Levi Stadium, Bay to Breakers, San Francisco Marathon, Nike San Francisco, The Hot Chocolate Race, The San Francisco Giants World Series Parades 2010-1012-1014, Oracle World, City of San Francisco parades, festivals and concerts.  TC Rentals also works with the PGA, Super Bowl Committee and most cities in the Bay Area and others throughout California.

Tri-California has two offices with the headquarters in Pacific Grove, California and an office in Templeton, and San Francisco, California. 

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