Individual Members 

(Updated: Oct. 23, 2015)
 Denotes a TBI Board Member

Richard Adler** 
Justin Drew
Elizabeth O'Connor
Mike Reilly** 
Sybille Rex


Business MEMBERS 

(Updated: Oct. 23, 2015)
 Denotes a TBI Board Member

Company Name Name Job Title
Aerobar Edge Brad Cooper CEO
Alatech Technology Limited Chelsea Liao Account Manager
Alchemy Global Bouker Pool Operating Partner
Alii Sport Andi Neugarten Founder & CEO
All Sports Events Jenna Ginsberg Founder
America Multi-Sport, Inc. Steven Tomboni CEO
American Bicycle Group Peter Hurley**  CEO/president
Ashworth Awards Dan Ashworth President
athleteReg Ross Krause CEO
ATxD Multisports Mark Cathcart Owner
Barco Tekstil Karin Macaroglu Merchandiser
Beacon Athlete Tracking Seth Bibler Founder/CEO
Blue Bicycles Ryan Hill  
Blue Steel Sports Lil van den Heuvel President
blueseventy Tim Moxey**  CEO
BOCO Gear Kay Martin Founder
Boyd Cycling Boyd Johnson Founder
Breakthrough Performance Coaching Jeffrey Capobianco CEO
BSLT Triathlon, Inc. Mike Greer  
BSX Insight Wendy Thomson  
Capital City Runners Brian Manry  
Caravan Canopy Kate Nelson  
Carvico USA Romina Barelli  
CEP Compression Jessie Schrubbe  
Champion System Scott Kaylin**  President
Coeur Sports Reginald Holden Co-owner
COMPETE energy bites Danielle Gibbons  
Compressport Guillaume Vautier  
CompuTrainer Sherri Hall  
ConferenceDirect Fred Mitzer VP
CurrexSole Lutz Klein CEO
De Soto Sport Emilio De Soto**  Founder/President/CEO
DLT Events Fred Phillips CEO
Effetto Mariposa Alberto De Gioannini  
Endurance Sportswire Tina Wilmott Founder/President
Enduro Nutrition Bill Braun CEO & President
Fast Forward FFWD Wheels Jon Davy  
Finis Robert Nichols Regional Sales Manager
Finish Line Productions Penni Bengtson Co-owner
FinisherPix Robbie Little CEO
Fit Kit Systems John Higgins  
GURU Sports Colby Marple Marketing Manager
GYST bags Dominique Aris Co-founder & Design Director
HEADSWEATS Mike McQueeney President
Human Motor Works Jim Galliher  
Hurdle Keith Fitzgerald Co-founder & CEO
Infinit Nutrition Mark Martines  
IRONMAN John Duke**  Vice President, Global Sales
Kelley Heath Eskalyo  
Kramp Krusher Dave Slagle Vice President
Lafaytte Sports Andres Sierra  
Lennd Chris Carver Co-Founder & CEO
Major League Triathlon Daniel Cassidy CEO
Malakye.Com Kelly Bader Business Development Manager, Outdoor & Bike
Markel Bicycle Insurance Lauren Hernandez  
McKeever Event Management Barbara McKeever  
MgSport Tudu Holdings  
Michael Epstein Sports Productions, Inc. Michael Salipante Race Coordinator
Mio Global Jenn Fox  
Moment Bicycles JT Lyons President
Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor Roger Schmitz  
Nimblewear Chad Terry  
NOFEL Pro Faizan Zafar  
Nuun and Co. Tyler Smith National Sales Manager
Orbea USA Gonzalo Garcia De Salazar General Manager
OutsidePR LLC Gordon Wright President
Pacific Health Labs/Accelerade Mary Pellecchia Product Marketing Manager
Pacific Sports LLC Jack Caress**  CEO
PhD Nutrition Inc G. Cowan  
Phoenix Systems LLC Jon Petty Founder
Picky Bars, Inc. Matt Briggs  
Playtri Staci Brode President
Podium Imports Brian McCoy  
Praxis Powder Technology Inc. Megan Back  
ProNet Inc Bob Kaimbach  
Purely Custom Pete Hillman Marketing Coordinator & Media Contact
QT2 Systems Jesse Kropelnicki Founder/Managing Director
Race Innovation (Sporting Innovations Group) Pierce Pape  
Racecheck Ltd. Alexander Tanti Co-founder
Redshift Sports Erik deBrun  
Rocket Science Sports Marcin Sochacki  
Rocklin Endurance Sports Rich Burns Owner
RollingFWD Mark Gonglach  
Santa Rosa Island Triathlon, Inc. Jackie Brown Treasurer
Shanghai Bestler Enterprise Co Ltd Crystal Zhang  
SilverLine Global Inc Holden Comeau  
Sino-EU-Exchange Lilian Liu  
Sommer Sports, Inc. Fred Sommer  
Sonic Endurance Kelly Gallagher  
Sportstats USA Marc Roy  
SRM Trading Stephen Maris  
Strivers Holding Co., Ltd Lynn Guo  
Tampa Bay Recreation LLC/ISM Saddles Laura Toll  
The BFF Electric Foam Roller Joshua Grabowsky  
TimedSports Mark Butler President
Tri-California Events, Inc Terry Davis**  CEO, Founder
Tri-Dat Charles Allen Partner
TriFreaks Inc. Stefan Newbury President / Owner
TriSports.Com Seton Claggett**  CEO
TURBINE Natasha Buttler  
USAP Events Ryan Coelho  
Vataha Sports Corp Collin Vataha  
Velogic Bike Fitting Nicky  
VeloGrip Eric Anderson  
Von Drais, LLC Richard Lockley Co-Founder
Wahoo Fitness Craig Krause  
WATTEAM LTD. Leora Pinsky  
Woodway-Wattbike Brad Weber  
XLAB Candice Turner  
ZOGGS USA Diane Segismundo  

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