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Karen Sing

Director of Wetsuit Development/Sponsorship & Events, Profile Design

Karen Sing is the Triathlon Wetsuit Product Manager and Director of Sponsorship and Events for Profile Design, a company that produces aerodynamic cycling components and triathlon products and for swimming, biking, and running. She has been involved in the multisport market since 1989, when she agreed to a 6 month stint (“to help Dan Empfield get organized…”)as part of the original founding team of Quintana Roo, the first triathlon wetsuit and hard goods company. During her 14 years at QR, the company grew from $300,000 annual sales to $10 million. While she doesn’t take credit for this phenomenal role, she comments “Triathlon experienced ridiculous growth, and QR grew along with it, but not without plenty of pain and suffering. Someone had to stick around to hand out the asprin.”

Sometimes known as the “Queen of Neoprene,” she has been responsible for conception, design, development and production of wetsuits and speedsuits for the past 16 years. Prior to her current position, she brought the first complete line of wetsuits and speedsuits to market at Zoot Sports. Her most notable products are the 2001 Quintana Roo Supersuit, the 2007 Zoot Zenith, 2008 Synergy and 2010 Profile Design Marlin.

A long history in the sport and the business of swimming and triathlon has brought her in contact with a wide variety of, athletes, race directors, retailers, bosses, and every kind of character in between. She credits a wicked sense of humor, creativity, experience, and a keen understanding of triathletes’ personalities and spending habits as keys to her success and longevity in the multisport business.

Her sport background as a collegiate swimmer and 27 years of triathlon racing (including 5 Ironmans, one IM Kona) combine with education and previous employment as a Doctor of Chiropractic to give Ms. Sing the perfect foundation for designing and developing products with optimal fit and function. Several seasons of intercollegiate ice hockey and rugby provided the necessary toughness to compete and succeed in the “boys club” of sports business.

Raised in Buffalo NY, Ms. Sing ate lots of chicken wings and attended Cornell University and Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. She is lucky to live and work in San Diego with her husband and two spoiled cats.

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