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Date: October 19, 2014

Author: Tom Crichton

Events Technology Train - All Aboard!

Are you producing a triathlon or series of tris? Have you thought about the best ways to utilize technology to flourish, not just survive? Technology is not just for registration anymore.

 Let’s give you an example from our area of expertise - sponsorship sales and management.  Event directors often ask us if we can help them get sponsors for their events, and most of the time our answer is 'no' because their event can’t afford a full-service sales agency.

 We realized technology is the solution for millions of smaller events, so we built and released software at HelpGetSponsors.com, allowing event directors to sell and manage sponsorships like a pro at a very affordable cost. That’s what technology is all about!

 Which brings us to the point of this blog … are you using the latest technologies to stoke the flames of your event fire at every possible turn? If not, you better get onboard before everyone else passes you by.

Take, for example, VirtualEventBags.com that provides easy-to-activate digital event goody bags that are managed by your sponsors and automatically delivered to your participants. This saves you time and money, makes your event more “green” and allows sponsors to track their return. Technology winner … get it?

Are you using an e-mail marketing platform like Constant Contact to manage your communications with your participants and track their registration habits?

Are you aligning with AthletePath.com so your participants can “go viral” and share their signups and encourage their friends to join them?

Is your timing technology streamlining your at-event set up and delivering faster, more accurate results, or even live results? If not, it’s time for a new timer!

How about at-event transactions? Do you use Square.com on your mobile device to take credit cards instead of checks? No? Well it’s time to move into today’s technology … it’s what your participants are demanding and your competitors are probably already using.

 Technology is a time and financial investment that you must make. In return, you’ll save time and generate more revenue for your events.

If you’re apprehensive about making the switch, we dare you to ask yourself - would you consider ditching your online registration tool to go back to paper registrations just to save a few bucks?  We’re guessing your answer was a resounding “No way!”  Like paper registrations, the old methods will waste your time and cause your event to lose money. 

So it’s time to do a technology audit for your events. And if you are not onboard, your competition will eat your lunch after they punch their ticket on the Technology Train en route to their final destination, success!

So what are you waiting for? All aboard the Technology Train!

Here’s a list of our favorite technologies for event directors:

Registration and Ticketing:

  • RaceIt.com
  • RunSignUp.com


  • HelpGetSponsors.com
  • VirtualEventBags.com
  • SponsorPark.com

Event Mapping:

  • PointsMap.com

Social and Promotions:

  • Events.com (registration and other services coming soon)
  • AthletePath.com


  • Square.com

E-mail Marketing:

  • ConstantContact.com
  • MailChimp.com

I welcome your comments at feedback@triathlonbusinessintl.com. I'll reply.


Tom Crichton has sold and managed more than $14,000,000 in sponsorships working with such sponsorship heavy hitters as CitiFinancial, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Office Depot, Nationwide, the US Navy, Allstate, FedEx and many other Fortune 500 companies. Prior to his experience in sponsorship sales, he enjoyed a successful, decade long career in sports television winning two TV News EMMY Awards for sports reporting and producing. Crichton is also a three-time Ironman finishing his latest at Chattanooga in 10 hours 11 minutes and 7 seconds. Read more about the author, Tom Crichton at http://www.HelpGetSponsors.com/about-us

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