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TBI conducted its 3rd Business Confidence Survey looking at multisport industry sentiment in 2017. Preliminary results of the survey, conducted by MultiSport Research Ltd. were presented by managing director and researcher Gary Roethenbaugh at the 2017 Annual TBI Conference in Dallas, TX, January 22-24.

The Confidence Survey was implemented for the first time in January 2015 and provided a baseline for the data gathered in January 2016 and now in 2017. Areas that are  explored include: customer demand; staffing; annual profits; the sport of triathlon (participation); business conditions; competition; household finances; prices; U.S. economic conditions; and the perceived impact of the 2016 presidential election. Business confidence trends were analyzed to spotlight the areas that show positive and negative attitudes.  Participants in the survey represented a cross-section of the sport, including retailers, manufacturers, event producers, service providers and triathletes.

Everyone who participated in the survey received the summary of findings.  Current TBI members receive the complete report including data. Non-TBI members can purchase the complete report for $450. Membership benefits and link to join can be found here.

Statistical out-takes from the 2017 Study:

  • With an index score of 101.7, when compared with the baseline year of 2015, customer demand has kept positive overall. It is the second most positive data point in the 2017 TBI Industry Confidence Survey (after household finances).
  • In 2016, pricing was hovering around a more positive mood, with an index score of 101.4. This year, the combined index score has shifted down by 3.7 points to 97.7.
  • Into 2017, the mood on the economy remains downbeat. Even though there has been a slight pick up in this index category when compared to 2016, it remains the lowest point on the index when referenced with the baseline year of 2015. The 2017 index on economic conditions stands at 88.9, up slightly on 85.5 in 2016.



Triathlon Industry Confidence Index 2016
Respondent Summary Data 

The 2016 Confidence Survey was commissioned by TBI, and much like a consumer confidence index, this survey, conducted by Gary Roethenbaugh, Managing Director, MultiSport Research, provides a snapshot of the triathlon industry for this point-in-time. It built on the inaugural Confidence Survey implemented in Q1 of 2015. The 2015 confidence survey established the baseline for the Industry Confidence Index to which the 2016 data is compared.  The 2015 was completed by 125 industry executives. The 2016 poll included these individuals as well as the wider TBI membership.

The Confidence Surveys help manufacturers and retailers obtain an understanding of the sentiment, or confidence, of the U.S. multisport marketplace as it relates to respondents’ perspectives of their business and/or customers. There were nine survey questions to answer. 

All respondents of the 2016 Survey received the summary data complimentary. For more information about obtaining a copy of the 2016 Confidence Survey report, please email



Summary data for 2015 included:

  • 75% were ‘neutral’ to ‘very happy’ about current levels of customer demand
  • 91% expect staffing levels for the next 6 months to be ‘the same’ or ‘increasing’
  • 73% reported annual profits (EBIT) to be either static or to have increased year-on-year
  • 49% reported an increase in annual profits up 6% to 21% or more
  • Competition has increased, however, with 65% experiencing ‘slightly more’ or ‘significantly more’ competition
  • 39% thought business conditions would be the same over the next 12 months
  • 28% thought business conditions would be better in the year ahead; 23% thought they would be worse
  • 57% thought retail prices would stay the same over the coming year; 28% thought they would go up
  • 35% of respondents expected that their household would be better off over the next 12 months; 51% thought it would be the same
  • 49% believed that economic conditions in the USA would be better in the year ahead; 37% thought it would be the same; and only 14% thought conditions would be worse
  • Turning to the sport of triathlon itself, 47% thought that it would be at the same level in a year; 28% thought it would grow; 22% thought it would decline.


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